Thank you for your interest in Para Vista Primary School. Ours is a growing school where we strive to enable every student to be engaged, supported, challenged and successful. Our school promotes responsibility and confidence, independence and creativity, empathy and respect.

Student agency and family involvement in school is fostered from Preschool to Year 6, providing for two way feedback in order to personalise each child’s learning journey.

For me education is about more than a challenging curriculum. What makes Para Vista Primary School so special is our community. Our staff focus on active learning, trust and communication and a commitment to excellence. Our families actively engage in the school, working with us as a strong supportive team. Our students are valued, connected and keen to learn.

I look forward to the opportunity to speak with you about our school. Please call and make a time to come and chat, take the school tour and explore our rich learning environments.

Enrolment information

Para Vista Primary School is a thriving school with strong commitment to student engagement and enjoyment of learning. Happy children learn more!

The leadership team are happy to meet with you, tour the school and answer any questions you may have. To join our school community you will be asked to complete an Expression of Interest form. Information requested by our school includes:

  • Your child’s name and age and your contact details
  • Health care or learning needs of your child
  • Friends already attending Para Vista Primary School or starting at the same time
  • Proof of address (Mortgage/rental documents, utility bill with your name and current
  • Papers relating to any custody orders
  • Emergency contacts
  • Visa/Permanent residency/Citizenship as appropriate

The information that you provide about your child and family is kept confidential and only used in the best interests of your child’s learning.

For further information go to: School and Preschool Enrolment Information


From Term 2 through to Term 4 (May to December) your child will be invited to attend a number of transition visits. The purpose of transition is to ensure that children are comfortable and familiar with the new, larger, space as well as connect with other children starting Reception at the same time. Each pre-schooler is also buddied up with a year 5 student. These senior students then become leader mentors for the children starting Reception. The visits are also an opportunity for the Reception teachers to get to know the children and for families to connect and chat in our Community Hub. Strong relationships between students, staff and families are the cornerstone of our learning philosophy at Para Vista Primary School and we look forward to welcoming you to our community.

In the process of transition from preschool to school a new enrolment form needs to be completed. When you enrol your child our school will provide you with information regarding curriculum and general school procedures. If your child has attended Preschool a copy of their Summative Report will also be forwarded to us.

Book a Tour

Para Vista Primary School is a thriving school with a strong commitment to student engagement and love of learning. Please call us to arrange a time to come in and chat and tour the school.