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To keep our parents connected and informed this page contains links to our Site Context Statement, Annual Report and general policies as well as information about canteen ordering.

General School Information

Enrolment information

Please visit our Enrolment page for detailed information.

External School Review

Our education system aspires to become the best in Australia by seeking growth for every student, in every class and in every school.
The purpose of the External School Review (ESR) is to support schools to raise achievement, sustain high performance and to provide quality assurance to build and sustain public confidence in government schools.
The external school review framework is referenced throughout all stages of the ESR process.
This report outlines aspects of the school’s performance verified through the review process according to the framework. It does not document every aspect of the school’s processes, programs and outcomes.

Download the External School Review Report

School Context Statement

Annual Report

Download the 2023 Annual Report

Site Improvement Plan 2023

Download the Site Improvement Plan Para Vista 2023 Summary

Blended Learning Procedures


Dress Code Policy

It is the policy of the school community that students attending Para Vista Primary School follow the school dress code.

Download Dress Code Policy

SunSmart Policy Extract

Para Vista School is a SunSmart school.

Download the SunSmart Policy Extract

Nut Aware Policy

Para Vista Primary School is a nut aware school.

Download the Nut Aware Policy

Mobile Phone and Personal Digital Devices Policy

Volunteer Policy

We believe that voluntary workers can make a significant contribution to the school community by giving their time and sharing their skills and expertise with others. Volunteers may have a wide range of interests and abilities that complement school programs, thus providing a wider range of interactions and experiences for students.

Download the Volunteer Policy.

Anti-Bullying & Harassment Policy

At Para Vista Primary we believe that everyone has the right to feel safe. We are strong
believers in educating our students of the importance in being an ‘upstander’ to support our
school community. This policy explains what bullying is, how you can report it and what we
will do to stop it from happening. The purpose of this policy is to provide information to
students, staff and parents/caregivers about Anti-Bullying.

A definition of bullying:
Bullying is the use of targeted, intentional and ongoing unwanted behaviour towards another person with the intention of hurting, either physically or emotionally.
Bullying is not ‘one off’ incidents of harassment or teasing.

Download the complete Anti-Bullying & Harassment Policy

Site Behaviour Support Policy

Download the Site Behaviour Support Policy

Cyber Safety Use Agreement

School Takehome Laptop Contract


Canteen Menu

Our school makes every effort to adhere to the mandated DECD Right Bite policy.
This policy has a very strong intention to ensure that schools promote and support healthy eating habits with children.

Download Canteen Menu

Ordering via the QKR app

Lunch orders can be placed on-line using the Qkr app.

Download the Qkr! How to Guide.

Parent Information


The 8 Key Areas of The Curriculum

Para Vista Primary school teaches the Australian Curriculum which sets consistent high standards for what all young Australians should learn as they progress through schooling. It focuses on learning area content and achievement standards that describe what students will learn and teachers will teach.

This link will take you to the official Australian Curriculum website.

Below you will find an overview for parents to learn about how the Australian Curriculum is organised, including information about the learning areas, general capabilities and cross-curriculum priorities.

Foundation Year
Year 1 and 2
Year 3 and 4
Year 5 and 6
Year 7


Communication between school and home is key to every child’s education. Para Vista School places great importance on the quality of the relationships between parents, students and staff. Regular communication occurs through a variety of ways:

  • Phone 8264 9588
  • Classroom teacher – via email (during school hours) or personal conversation. Please note that it is preferred that if the conversation will be lengthy, or of a personal nature, that a meeting be arranged that is at a convenient time for both the teacher and parent.
  • Edmodo app – keep updated with notifications, notes and relevant school information.
  • Facebook – Para Vista Primary School has a Facebook page.
  • iNewsletter – School newsletters are sent directly to a specified email address and can be viewed on any computer and smart device.
  • Leadership Team – are happy to discuss any issues with you. Please arrange a time through the front office or by phoning 8264 9588.
  • Website – lots of information re policies and communications.
  • QKR app – for canteen or uniform orders
  • Annual General Meeting – all parents are invited to attend the Annual General Meeting and participate on various committees.

Community Hub

We offer a warm and inviting environment to our families and their children. We aim to share conversations, learn from other cultures, respond to needs, offer valuable learning opportunities for both individuals and to support our children’s learning. A place to embrace, connect and grow within our diverse community. We seek to make this hub a place to develop friendships, share ideas and break down barriers enabling us to have a strong community bond.

When we enrol a student at Para Vista we don’t just enrol a student – we enrol a family. All families from a valuable part of our community. Our community hub is an avenue for our multicultural community to be embrace and celebrated. Our community hub is a chance for our parent community to take part in valuable learning opportunities to support our students in their learning journey. We look forward to welcoming you into our Community hub and celebrating the path ahead.

Home Learning Potential

The learning potential app has lots of useful tips and ideas to help you make the most of those small opportunities. To maximise your child’s learning and development.

Book a Tour

Para Vista Primary School is a thriving school with a strong commitment to student engagement and love of learning. Please call us to arrange a time to come in and chat and tour the school.